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The modern forester

Timber truck superstructures for your business

How we came to be

Until TimberTek came to be, we have a long, exciting history as KMT, JSC – a company still operating successfully today. Since its inception in 2003, KMT expanded and strived to not only be a leader in production, but also to be a fair, proud representative of world-renown brands.

We put in years of hard work to strive and achieve a high degree of quality and strength of our builds. Today, we are proud to say we have achieved quality standards we have dreamed of but we are yet to stop.

We believe that business is only as good as its goals and so we bring a promise of quality to every customer that chooses us as their partners. Join us in a quick recap of our life and business and how TimberTek came to be!


Big EXPANSION: employee number went from 32 to 49 in one year!


BRAND NEW FACTORY of 4000 sq. m. opened and LAUNCHED TimberTek brand.


Eschlböck Biber dealership secured.


Big YEAR: Jyki, Oy dealership secured AND management certified with ISO 9001:2008.


ALUCAR dealership secured.


ECO LOG dealership secured.


EXPANSION: employee number went from 2 to 20 in three years time.


Timber truck superstructure EXPORT started.


Timber truck superstructure PRODUCTION and started.


PALFINGER dealership secured.