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Become our partners
Very few things can stop your business from succeeding when you have a strong partner at your back. At TimberTek, we cherish our partners and are proud of the trust they place in us. As such, we strive to deliver quick and precise support to our partners, wherever they might be in the world. Our community of satisfied partners expands quickly and we would be honored to have you become our partner on our mission to success!

Why become our partner?

Best Price
Best price deals

We will always offer a good price deal on larger purchases and will always be flexible and supportive during sales period.

On-call support

We are always available to our partners in need. All tech questions have answers and if they are asked, our team is there to help you.


We are always open for exclusivity. If you can prove you’re the best in the region, we can agree on exclusivity dealer status.

Need more reasons
to become a partner?